Trying to keep up .........

Crazy. Hectic. Too much happening at once.

I can't believe it has been a month since I updated here. Sometimes I feel I have to give myself a shake and say, snap out of it and get with it! I need a battery recharge or something. Between work, home, errands, the kids, work on the color combo blog, creative team work, Two Peas in a Bucket, friends' blogs, page calls, there something that gets neglected for a while. (Ha, ha. Except my kids of course!) I need to organize my time or something. How does everyone else fit it all in every day? Gosh, I really have to hand it to you. Those who have all this on their plates AND MORE!! Want to give me some pointers? :)

Well, exciting things have happened in the past month, really exciting, and you'd figure I would be here first to shout it out, but I haven't.

But my great news? WHOA!

One of my layouts was picked up by Scrapbook Trends for their new book, Go Digital! Seriously, I am ecstatic over that, it is my FIRST PUB!!!! Yeah I have been on the e-zines a few times, but never been pubbed in a magazine or idea book and I am just over the moon! Can't wait!!

I was asked by Two Peas in a Bucket for their July Pea Profile. I was one of three, the others were Davinie Fiero and Emily Pitts.

I won this month's Designing With 2008 Calendar contest at Two Peas!

Three things, but I am really happy about all of it! It's been a good month! So, starting with the most recent, here are some new pages I did:

Valerie Salmon's Got Sketch
I love getting Valerie's sketches in my inbox! They really are so fun and it's truly an honor to be on her team.
Here is my take on #67:

Two Peas' July Pea Profile
Two Peas is so FUN and GREAT! They asked me to create some projects for them with products they were going to send me. I said, GREAT! and YES!! They sent me KI Softies and Maya Road journaling sheers. Here are the projects I created with them, see the little flowers? I added Maya Road little chipboard frames, rub-on stitches and used the KI photo corners they sent me as well for the petals:

and a card:

Color Combos Galore
I haven't done the last two combos, but I will this week! We had two CK Hall of Famers back to back. For Combo #82, we had the wonderful Lea Lawson! She wanted red and aqua, and I made up this delicious combo!

persimmon - swimming pool - passionate pink - green tea

my page:

And for Combo #83, we had Karen Wilson-Bonnar! Her choices were red and orange and this is the combo she chose:
orange fire - granny smith - custard - mango

my page, also using Pencil Lines Sketch #96:

Sketch This!
Here are two that I did for the Sketch This! blog. Janelle's been cranking some really fun sketches!

#60, the winning layout for the Designing With Calendar contest at Two Peas! I LOVE this layout! Love the Elsie sports paper!

#61, I flipped this one on it's side:

An Oldie but Goodie...
I made this one a while back, I had made this page one night and had mind to post it the next morning at Two Peas. Then I saw a call for multi-photo layouts on the e-zine magazine, Scrapbook News & Review. So I submitted a bunch I had in my gallery and threw in this one. The next morning, after posting this layout to my Two Peas gallery, I saw the email requesting it. WOW, well I had to take it down right away.
So here is the page, using Anilu Magloire's Pencil Lines Sketch #70. the 24 means minutes, not seconds, oops!:

Well, thanks for the super long post!!! Hope you have a super great day!
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