Pencil Lines, Color Combos and more!

Okay, so I haven't been here in ages. I have been so busy with work and home, life, the Color Combo blog, and not feeling very well throughout. My anemia has gotten worse, the last time I got my blood checked, my iron level was at 5 (normal is 13). The doctor couldn't believe I was actually walking, normally levels that low you'd be dizzy and very weak. Doesn't help that I am a smoker. But I didn't feel any of that, well, maybe just very lazy and sleepy. But I was able to see straight and drive and did start feeling better after taking care of myself a little wiser. But recently it started again, I have been getting dizzy just coming up the stairs or picking up things from the floor as well as very frequent, pounding headaches. By the time 8pm rolls around, I am ready for bed. No energy whatsoever. Very unlike me. I am supposed to be scrapping and relaxin'!!

I am doing my best to raise my levels up with a double dose of iron pills and eating foods with high iron content. Haven't kicked the habit yet, but I feel a little better. Work still stresses me a bit and after the boys get home, the headache is pounding. Love them to pieces, but they are just very loud!

On a lighter note, the kids are doing great. Zayn is completely done with his baby teeth and actually pulled the last one himself. Something I never had the guts to do for myself! So with DH on the road Zayn had no choice but to be brave. Sorry honey, I have to hold the camera. LOL, I am just too squeamish for that. He did it though, and realized how silly he looked on the playback because it didn't hurt a bit! Jabran is doing very well in Kindergarten and Rianna is content just being a princess. Thanksgiving is at my house, although our family consists of 4 sisters, a brother, 5 spouses, 13 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren and two wonderful parents, my turkey and stuffing will be devoured with my Mom and Dad. Everyone always spends it with the in-laws and I got none, so they come to my house.

Well no more talk, want to get to some layouts that I really want to share with you all!

Pencil Lines and Color Combos Galore

Pencil Lines 110, I never use purple, in fact, I don't like it. So this was definitely a challenge for me, once I started working with the colors, I loved how it looked!

Challenge #96
From Color Combo #96
with Caroline Ikeji

concord grape
split pea
hurricane gray

Pencil Lines 108, along with Suzy Reap's Journaler's Junction Challenge to simple journal using the 5W's of a story. Easy. Yes, Jabran is screwing pegs onto the gondola cars of his puzzle. He was only 3 here.

Challenge #94
From Color Combo #94
with Sasha Farina

titanium white
electric lime

Pencil Lines 105, a very loose interpretation of the sketch. I flipped it to the side. I used Studio Calico's Iconic and other SC goodies.

Challenge #92
From Color Combo #92
with Stephanie Howell

charcoal gray

some more Combos...

I actually used spider stickers! These were in my stash from 4 years ago. But aren't they so cute?

Challenge #93
From Color Combo #93
with Waleska Neris

funky gold
floral white
deep orchid

Design Team member Belinda Venables made up this combo. This is my niece and grand-niece on her christening. They were both so tired, but I truly love this photo. I was flipping through my photos looking for a pic of my daughter to use for this combo and came across my niece's dress. How PERFECT!!
Challenge #91
From Color Combo #91
with Linda Harrison

hot pink

and some for Sketch This!...

Sketch This! #74. Cool sketch, first time I filled the page with a photo.

Sketch This! #70. We had taken this trip a year earlier. This year I went along with his class, I grabbed these seats and was thrilled when I got this shot!

Sketch This! #69. Not much story here. Just my beautiful Zayn.

Thanks for listening and looking.
Hope you all have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving!

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Getting funky....

So how cool is this song?

I grabbed it from Belinda's blog. Actually, I swiped three songs from her playlist. The video is cool too. I had never heard of Robbie Williams, turns out he has been around for years...I am so out of the loop it's embarrassing. Anyway, I need to search and listen to more of his songs. My new favorite. So I got into a funky mood and changed my playlist.

You know when your washer machine starts going thud-thud, thud-thud, thud-thud as you are washing your towels, yeah, it means it's about to break. So now it's broken. I can't wait to get it fixed, but there's something about doing 6 loads of laundry in an hour and a half at the laundromat. Big feeling of accomplishment. And relief.

And I am happy to say I finally scrapped a paper page. I have been on a digital streak and the last time my hands rolled out some adhesive was back in August. Yup, clearing mounds of laundry will do that to me. Felt good to take out the trimmer, you know? So my comeback page was for the color challenge. This week we have Michelle StClair, she wanted red and gray, and this is what we went with. I dug way deep into my stash and found Studio Calico's January kit that was perfect for the colors:

gypsy red - marshmallow - powder blue - deepest gray

I combined the color challenge with my design for Sketch This. I talk about how similar my son and my father are. I see a lot of my Dad in Zayn.

Here are a few more for Color Combos Galore:

Week 89 with Nicole Eshelman, one of my favorite scrappers of all time. She wanted aqua and butterscotch:

aqua - butterscotch - baby blue - fever pink

I used the colors for Pencil Lines Sketch #102: I really had a hard time with this sketch. But I am really happy how it turned out. I also went a little too light on the pink scallop.

Week 88 was with Layle Koncar, she wanted aqua and brown:

aquamarine - pale turquoise - deepest brown - goldenrod

Here is what I did with the colors using Pencil Lines Sketch #101. Zayn was really having a bad day.
Sorry. You can't always get what you want, buddy.

another one for Sketch This.

and last but not least, one of my new favorites. I remember taking these photos of Rianna atop of my kitchen counter. She was acting a little crazy, just playfully screaming into the camera while I snapped away. Totally fun. This was for Janelle's Sketch#66:

and so another super long post for not having updated in over a week. But I do super appreciate you coming by and visiting!
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They're Here!!!

The newest additions to our creative team at Color Combos Galore! These girls are amazing and I am thrilled to have them!

Nikala O Brien
Belinda Venables
Delphine Paslin

Visit the color challenge blog for more!

And the winner for the October Afternoon Hometown RAK is......
Arlene said... last guess and I will leave you alone. Belinda Venables? Mel Nunn?

September 10, 2008 11:11 PM

Congrats Arlene! Please send me your address! COMMENTS:
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I've Got a Secret!

Guess it, and you will get a prize!

I can't tell you the whole secret....yet. I can tell you this, I have added three new designers to the Color Combos Galore blog! And they are FABULOUS, their pages always knock my socks off! Wanna guess who they are?

I have 3 goodie boxes: one from October Afternoon's Hometown Collection, Pink Paislee's Pop Fashion Collection, and another one from Basic Grey's new Urban Prairie Collection. The first person to guess correctly will win. There are three answers, three winners, one box for each winner. Here are the clues, start guessing!!

One is from France.

Two are from Australia.

Three are brunettes.

One was just chosen to join a major manufacturer's design team.

One is an amazing freelance photographer.

One was recently published in Simple Scrapbooks magazine.

One was discovered while playing the color challenges.

One is a sketch artist.

Two are fellow PEAS.

Good luck! I will be making my announcement on both blogs Friday morning, the 12th, so you have until then to leave your comments on this blog! CCG DT girls, no cheating! COMMENTS:
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and so I'm back....

Again, I haven't blogged in a long while. It's back to school day today, so soon I will have more time for me and things will be more calm. Zayn started 2nd grade, we rushed like crazy, I slept through the alarm and we got there late. Horrible. No pics, even forgot to unload the camera. We will just make pretend tomorrow. Jabran's paperwork got messed up and he couldn't start today, isn't that so messed up?

I will post some back to school pics tomorrow, today I will play catch up and share some recent layouts. Would love for you to say hi and come cheer me up! Really depressed how the day turned out.

Color Combos Galore
This week's Combo #87, we have Sharyn Tormanen, she wanted green and black, and I was thrilled when she ended up choosing this combo!

aqua - black - kiwifruit - tangerine

my page using Pencil Lines Sketch #100. Love these whimsical circles, first time trying something like that out.

Last week for Combo #86 we had the super talented Jennifer McGuire. It really amazes me how she comes up with new techniques all the time. LOVE her! She wanted kraft and green, I checked her gallery out and didn't see much purple, so I sent her this combo:

fuchsia - parakeet - buttercream - caribbean

my page using Pencil Lines Sketch #99:

here is a make-up for Combo #85 that I didn't have a chance to do. We had Two Peas in a Bucket's Garden Girl Sarah Klemish that week. She is totally awesome, her style and pages are so unique! Her choices were turquoise and celery and this is the combo she chose:
lagoon - sunshine - dairy queen - avocado

my page, also for this week's sketch at Sketch This!:

Sketch This!
Here are two that I did for the Sketch This! blog.



Thanks for stopping by, have a super great day!
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Trying to keep up .........

Crazy. Hectic. Too much happening at once.

I can't believe it has been a month since I updated here. Sometimes I feel I have to give myself a shake and say, snap out of it and get with it! I need a battery recharge or something. Between work, home, errands, the kids, work on the color combo blog, creative team work, Two Peas in a Bucket, friends' blogs, page calls, there something that gets neglected for a while. (Ha, ha. Except my kids of course!) I need to organize my time or something. How does everyone else fit it all in every day? Gosh, I really have to hand it to you. Those who have all this on their plates AND MORE!! Want to give me some pointers? :)

Well, exciting things have happened in the past month, really exciting, and you'd figure I would be here first to shout it out, but I haven't.

But my great news? WHOA!

One of my layouts was picked up by Scrapbook Trends for their new book, Go Digital! Seriously, I am ecstatic over that, it is my FIRST PUB!!!! Yeah I have been on the e-zines a few times, but never been pubbed in a magazine or idea book and I am just over the moon! Can't wait!!

I was asked by Two Peas in a Bucket for their July Pea Profile. I was one of three, the others were Davinie Fiero and Emily Pitts.

I won this month's Designing With 2008 Calendar contest at Two Peas!

Three things, but I am really happy about all of it! It's been a good month! So, starting with the most recent, here are some new pages I did:

Valerie Salmon's Got Sketch
I love getting Valerie's sketches in my inbox! They really are so fun and it's truly an honor to be on her team.
Here is my take on #67:

Two Peas' July Pea Profile
Two Peas is so FUN and GREAT! They asked me to create some projects for them with products they were going to send me. I said, GREAT! and YES!! They sent me KI Softies and Maya Road journaling sheers. Here are the projects I created with them, see the little flowers? I added Maya Road little chipboard frames, rub-on stitches and used the KI photo corners they sent me as well for the petals:

and a card:

Color Combos Galore
I haven't done the last two combos, but I will this week! We had two CK Hall of Famers back to back. For Combo #82, we had the wonderful Lea Lawson! She wanted red and aqua, and I made up this delicious combo!

persimmon - swimming pool - passionate pink - green tea

my page:

And for Combo #83, we had Karen Wilson-Bonnar! Her choices were red and orange and this is the combo she chose:
orange fire - granny smith - custard - mango

my page, also using Pencil Lines Sketch #96:

Sketch This!
Here are two that I did for the Sketch This! blog. Janelle's been cranking some really fun sketches!

#60, the winning layout for the Designing With Calendar contest at Two Peas! I LOVE this layout! Love the Elsie sports paper!

#61, I flipped this one on it's side:

An Oldie but Goodie...
I made this one a while back, I had made this page one night and had mind to post it the next morning at Two Peas. Then I saw a call for multi-photo layouts on the e-zine magazine, Scrapbook News & Review. So I submitted a bunch I had in my gallery and threw in this one. The next morning, after posting this layout to my Two Peas gallery, I saw the email requesting it. WOW, well I had to take it down right away.
So here is the page, using Anilu Magloire's Pencil Lines Sketch #70. the 24 means minutes, not seconds, oops!:

Well, thanks for the super long post!!! Hope you have a super great day!
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Color Combos Galore and Sketch This

The new colors are up at Color Combos Galore! Our Guest Designer this week is Jennifer Gallacher. She wanted red and gray, and this is the combo she chose, YUMMY!!

dark slate - wasabi - milkshake - hibiscus

I absolutely love these colors! Well, here is my page, I also did it for Janelle's new sketch at Sketch This!, #59. LOL, these photos just crack me up!

I swear, she didn't say a word to him. Too too funny. Well, I am signing off now, too tired to think of anything interesting to write. Plus I have got a SUPER long day ahead of me. Wish I could just crawl back into bed.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!
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Sketch This!

So how is the week going? I am excited, my husband is coming home tonight. YAY! He has been gone since last Monday. Then he goes back out again in the morning. Gotta get this house in shape, I got a couple of hours left. But came on here to show you this week's sketch at Sketch This!, it's a great one, LOVE the frame and the tilted photos on the sketch, hope you get a chance to do this one!

That's it for now. Hope you are having a great night! Chillaxin! I hope to be able to scrap tomorrow night and bring out some more stuff. Studio Calico and my Scarlet Lime came in this week!!! WOOHOO!!!

thanks for stopping by!!
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Color Combos Galore and Pencil Lines

The new colors are up at Color Combos Galore! Our Guest Designer this week is Vivian Masket. And she gave me a wonderful inspiration piece and this is the combo I pulled from it:

punch - banana cream - deep saddle brown - gulf stream

here is my page using Pencil Lines sketch #93. OMG, LOVE this sketch!!!!

Published: Scrapbook Trends Digital Idea Book
See my great news HERE !

So glad you stopped by, hope you are having a wonderful day!
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Debbi's challenge and Triple the Sketch

One of the best things about the online community at Two Peas is developing friendships with wonderful people. Debbi T is one of them. I don't remember exactly when we met or became as close as we are, but I am glad we did. Recently I was telling her about me not being able to sit down and scrap like I used to. She wouldn't hear of it. She told me to create a page that night. Allrighty I said, then challenge me with something. She told me create a page using purple and make it about me. ACK! She knows me too well, I never use purple and really only scrap about my children. She knew she got me. But just like her, I love a challenge. So I hung up and off to the scraproom I went.

So here is my page. I found this sketch that night at Triple the Sketch, it was perfect:

Gosh, I HATE my nose!!!!

Journaling reads:

My most challenging moment was...Singing "When I Fall in Love" on stage at my sister's wedding.

My favorite school subject was...Math. I scored 100 on my High School Algebra Regents Exam.

The strangest thing that ever happened to me was...Hearing a voice in my head saying, "that is the man I am going to marry" two seconds after laying eyes on my future husband.

The scariest moment of my life was...Surviving a head on collision with a light pole, without a seatbelt, holding on to dear life to the steering wheel. I bent it backwards.

My favorite movie is...Death Becomes Her.

My greatest fear is...Having my car plunge into the water and not being able to save my three children.

If I could change my name, it would be...Spelled Janette. So that people will pronounce my name right.

My biggest accomplishment in life was...Natural childbirth. A whopping 11 pound 1 ounce baby boy!

My biggest dissapointment in life is...Never being a size 10.

Thanks for the challenge, Deb!!! :)

And thanks so much to you for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!
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Happy 4th!

So how was your holiday weekend? Safe and fun, I hope!

The new colors are up at Color Combos Galore! Our Guest Designer this week is Stacey Michaud. She is a loyal player at the challenge and we are happy to have her!

norwegian blue - light slate gray - white smoke - burgundy

here is my page:

As I said in an earlier post, the fair is fun, but on the rides I am feeling dizzier and queasier as each year goes by!

Have a great Monday!

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I finally did one!

I created a paper page! I have been doing digital pages for over over a month, my scrap room was a mess, couldn't even tell I had a desk actually, and I wasn't managing my time properly either. I started cleaning my area Monday night and was suddenly inspired. I did my layout for Sketch This and HMITM. The HMITM challenge was to use the whole alphabet on your layout, so I did mine like this: kindergarten this fall... wow.

Have a great Wednesday!
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Can you take the ride?

Hey how are ya? Hope your weekend was good. My husband came back on Friday after a long week on the road. Love him dearly, but it was a nice break. Experienced reveal night at Studio Calico. That was fun and exciting. Boy, they did an awesome job with the kits this month! I think I did some damage to my credit card. We cleaned out the boys room on Saturday, still sorting through stuff. Amazing how things accumulate. Then went to the fair at Giants Stadium on Sunday. Unfortunately, whenever we go there I realize, besides on my birthday, how old I am. I can't take the spinning rides anymore! Zayn had me going on all the big rides within his height restrictions. The last one really did me in, and I was sick. Ugh! Feeling queasy just thinking about it. Can you imagine, front seat, a huge circle ride where your car speeds to the top, not quite making the full circle, then heads down again only to go up again and when it reaches the center of the top, it stays there? So you are upside down and just screaming your head off regretting ever getting on this thing?

No, too much for me. But I will return next summer for sure and we will go on them together again.

Did my layout for Color Combos Galore. Davinie Fiero is our Guest Designer and she is so talented! LOVE her layouts and cards! She is the last of our guests to request something with pink. Yes, there have been a lot of pink going on, but the GD's get to choose what color to base the combo on and they have been choosing pink lately. I don't mind, I have a lot of pink to scrap about!

cranberry - alabaster - landscape grey - ballerina

I used Pencil Lines sketch #91:

and combined this with the journaling challenge which was to write about a before & after. This was on Rianna's birthday. She was wearing a dress and I wanted a quick photo. But she didn't want the picture taken in that dress, she wanted to change into her Cinderella costume. She wears that costume almost everyday and it has pretty much turned into a rag. So I was sort of arguing with her and here is her 'I'm putting my foot down' face. But she eventually responded with a smile!

Well, that's it for now. It's going to be a beautiful day today!
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