Pencil Lines, Color Combos and more!

Okay, so I haven't been here in ages. I have been so busy with work and home, life, the Color Combo blog, and not feeling very well throughout. My anemia has gotten worse, the last time I got my blood checked, my iron level was at 5 (normal is 13). The doctor couldn't believe I was actually walking, normally levels that low you'd be dizzy and very weak. Doesn't help that I am a smoker. But I didn't feel any of that, well, maybe just very lazy and sleepy. But I was able to see straight and drive and did start feeling better after taking care of myself a little wiser. But recently it started again, I have been getting dizzy just coming up the stairs or picking up things from the floor as well as very frequent, pounding headaches. By the time 8pm rolls around, I am ready for bed. No energy whatsoever. Very unlike me. I am supposed to be scrapping and relaxin'!!

I am doing my best to raise my levels up with a double dose of iron pills and eating foods with high iron content. Haven't kicked the habit yet, but I feel a little better. Work still stresses me a bit and after the boys get home, the headache is pounding. Love them to pieces, but they are just very loud!

On a lighter note, the kids are doing great. Zayn is completely done with his baby teeth and actually pulled the last one himself. Something I never had the guts to do for myself! So with DH on the road Zayn had no choice but to be brave. Sorry honey, I have to hold the camera. LOL, I am just too squeamish for that. He did it though, and realized how silly he looked on the playback because it didn't hurt a bit! Jabran is doing very well in Kindergarten and Rianna is content just being a princess. Thanksgiving is at my house, although our family consists of 4 sisters, a brother, 5 spouses, 13 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren and two wonderful parents, my turkey and stuffing will be devoured with my Mom and Dad. Everyone always spends it with the in-laws and I got none, so they come to my house.

Well no more talk, want to get to some layouts that I really want to share with you all!

Pencil Lines and Color Combos Galore

Pencil Lines 110, I never use purple, in fact, I don't like it. So this was definitely a challenge for me, once I started working with the colors, I loved how it looked!

Challenge #96
From Color Combo #96
with Caroline Ikeji

concord grape
split pea
hurricane gray

Pencil Lines 108, along with Suzy Reap's Journaler's Junction Challenge to simple journal using the 5W's of a story. Easy. Yes, Jabran is screwing pegs onto the gondola cars of his puzzle. He was only 3 here.

Challenge #94
From Color Combo #94
with Sasha Farina

titanium white
electric lime

Pencil Lines 105, a very loose interpretation of the sketch. I flipped it to the side. I used Studio Calico's Iconic and other SC goodies.

Challenge #92
From Color Combo #92
with Stephanie Howell

charcoal gray

some more Combos...

I actually used spider stickers! These were in my stash from 4 years ago. But aren't they so cute?

Challenge #93
From Color Combo #93
with Waleska Neris

funky gold
floral white
deep orchid

Design Team member Belinda Venables made up this combo. This is my niece and grand-niece on her christening. They were both so tired, but I truly love this photo. I was flipping through my photos looking for a pic of my daughter to use for this combo and came across my niece's dress. How PERFECT!!
Challenge #91
From Color Combo #91
with Linda Harrison

hot pink

and some for Sketch This!...

Sketch This! #74. Cool sketch, first time I filled the page with a photo.

Sketch This! #70. We had taken this trip a year earlier. This year I went along with his class, I grabbed these seats and was thrilled when I got this shot!

Sketch This! #69. Not much story here. Just my beautiful Zayn.

Thanks for listening and looking.
Hope you all have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving!

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domestic goddess said... [Reply]

gorgeous layouts!

Janinek said... [Reply]

That is a whole lot of updating in one post! LOL! Fantastic LO's and I love the way you have the combo right near the project. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm loving the CCG blog and its great to be challenged to create each week.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Hi Janet, this is the first time I've visited your blog and your music had me rockin off my chair, way cool, Tiff :o)

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