I've Got a Secret!

Guess it, and you will get a prize!

I can't tell you the whole secret....yet. I can tell you this, I have added three new designers to the Color Combos Galore blog! And they are FABULOUS, their pages always knock my socks off! Wanna guess who they are?

I have 3 goodie boxes: one from October Afternoon's Hometown Collection, Pink Paislee's Pop Fashion Collection, and another one from Basic Grey's new Urban Prairie Collection. The first person to guess correctly will win. There are three answers, three winners, one box for each winner. Here are the clues, start guessing!!

One is from France.

Two are from Australia.

Three are brunettes.

One was just chosen to join a major manufacturer's design team.

One is an amazing freelance photographer.

One was recently published in Simple Scrapbooks magazine.

One was discovered while playing the color challenges.

One is a sketch artist.

Two are fellow PEAS.

Good luck! I will be making my announcement on both blogs Friday morning, the 12th, so you have until then to leave your comments on this blog! CCG DT girls, no cheating!
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Renee Lamb said... [Reply]

how fun to add more designers! I have no clue but will say congrats to whomever the fab ladies are! and awesome prize packages for the lucky winners who guess right! :D

Anonymous said... [Reply]

my guess is Esther (blue_eyed_pea) from australia. LOVE her stuff! fun contest janet!
Elizabeth Joy

Janet Perafan-Babar said... [Reply]

No, not Esther, she is great though!

I will give another clue today...
This Australian designer's name starts with an 'N' (and so does her Pea name). She was actually scheduled to Guest Design for us and I was fortunate enough to have her join our team instead!

Come on, throw me some names! :)

Arlene said... [Reply]

hmmmm....Celine Navarro???


I have no clue...just throwing names here....

nic howard??? nicole finlayson?

enough names thrown???

Arlene said... [Reply]

just wanted to say:

thanks for the comment you left me :)

my mom will probably be back next year.

Arlene said... [Reply]

stacey michaud????

the last name sounds french to me...:)

Arlene said... [Reply]

ok...onelast guess and I will leave you alone. Belinda Venables? Mel Nunn?

Janet Perafan-Babar said... [Reply]

Awesome names you are throwing out there Arlene!

I gave a clue yesterday about one of them, so here are two more for the others, then it's time for the reveal tomorrow!

The other designer has a style like Suzanne's from our DT. What is that called, you know, the awesome layered, distressed edges, lots of great details look. And she designs sketches for another website in her country.

Brisbane, Australia is the hometown of our newest designer and she owns her own photography business.

wheeeee, this is fun! good luck!

Arlene said... [Reply]

did i get any right????


i don't know about many scrappers out there.

Chrispea said... [Reply]

I haven't a clue either... but I can't wait to find out!