I finally did one!

I created a paper page! I have been doing digital pages for over over a month, my scrap room was a mess, couldn't even tell I had a desk actually, and I wasn't managing my time properly either. I started cleaning my area Monday night and was suddenly inspired. I did my layout for Sketch This and HMITM. The HMITM challenge was to use the whole alphabet on your layout, so I did mine like this: kindergarten this fall... wow.

Have a great Wednesday!
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Staci said... [Reply]

Your paper page is awesome, Janet! You did a great job with the challenge, I love how that looks with the whole alphabet! Btw, your daughter is sooo cute getting her ears pierced! My son is 3 - it's such a fun age, isn't it?

Debbi T said... [Reply]

Yay! So happy to see you playing with paper again! Love the alphabet as an accent on this page!