I am a Grand-Aunt again!!!!

My darling niece had another baby!!! Her second, a baby girl born on Friday, April 18 at 8:35pm.

And her name is Mikaela Grace. Beautiful.

So this is the crazy that happened.

We had a baby shower already planned. I made the invitations and it was scheduled for the next day. My niece called me on Thursday asking whether I dressed my children in their own clothes or did they wear the what the hospital provided. I told her I always dressed them with their gown, cap, mitts and booties after their first bath and were wrapped in their own blanket as well. Everything matched. She decided to do that and needed to buy that and bottles. She didn't know what she was having or that there was a party planned for her in two days. So I told her to hold off, we would go together the following week. Then we started talking about water breaking and that I never experienced that moment of puddle or leakage. It was always popped for me. She said she hadn't either but would never want her water to break in public and I should be grateful mine never did.

So what happened?

For medical reasons, she was scheduled for a C-section on the 30th.

Well her water broke in her office in the afternoon in NYC.

They had no car.

They borrowed one from a friend, drove from the city to Long Island and admitted her.

She arrived 9cm dilated.

Her husband had a 'Ricky' moment and left the keys in the car.

She pushed for over an hour.

And brought Mikaela Grace into the world.

We still partied the next day, mostly on speaker phone!
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Debbi T said... [Reply]

What a precious little angel! Congrats to you all!

Jen said... [Reply]

Oh, she is beautiful! I love her name!

Amanda Mac said... [Reply]

Oh, she's so pretty!!! What a wild labor that was! LOL