Before I post the layout for Color Combos Galore and Sketch This!, I want to share with you what has been taking up a lot of my time. Do I have time to spare? No. But I am hooked on this game! The boys play these computer games at and they came across this one. I can't stop playing it. You have to prepare and cook flatbread sandwiches to customers that pop in to your place. With the money you receive, you can buy a soda machine or another toaster and can upgrade both. To make the sandwiches, customers tell you what they want and you have to put a few ingredients together onto your bread (there are three meats, five other toppings and four sauces in your kitchen), place the bread into the toaster and serve. If you take too long, they get "angry" and leave. You can stall them by giving them a soda and if you get their order wrong, either it comes out burnt from the toaster or they won't take it. As the levels go up, the customers flood in and it's a frenzy. You can have up to five customers at one time. But once you start remembering the difference from a Chicken Flatbread, to a Pesto Chicken, to a Chicken Ranch Club you can prepare them fairly quickly. Hahaha, I am a nut, but I think it's fun. The kids laugh at me as I play! Give it a try:

I haven't done a layout since last week. Slacking off, my desk is a mess and losing my mojo over it, then my printer decided not to print anymore. So it's digital for now. Monday Color Combos Galore #74 went up and we have the funny and talented Angela Daniels as our Guest. I first saw her on Scrapbooks Etc's Scrapbook LifeStyle videos. I loved and miss those videos! So it was a real honor for me to have her design this week for us. She told me she wanted orange and green so I sent her a few combos and she chose this one:

black walnut - international orange - ivory - kiwifruit

Since I can't print any photos I created a digital page and combined it with Sketch This!. I absolutely love this photo of Jabran and Rianna. We had just come from the park and I was walking behind them towards the car (aw, miss that Envoy). They looked adorable.

It's a gray day today, but hope you have a good one!!
tah-tah for now!
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Debbi T said... [Reply]

I just love that layout, Janet! Such a sweet photo, and every little detail is perfect! Hope you get your printer fixed soon!