Color Combos Galore and Sketch This

The new colors are up at Color Combos Galore! Our Guest Designer this week is Jennifer Gallacher. She wanted red and gray, and this is the combo she chose, YUMMY!!

dark slate - wasabi - milkshake - hibiscus

I absolutely love these colors! Well, here is my page, I also did it for Janelle's new sketch at Sketch This!, #59. LOL, these photos just crack me up!

I swear, she didn't say a word to him. Too too funny. Well, I am signing off now, too tired to think of anything interesting to write. Plus I have got a SUPER long day ahead of me. Wish I could just crawl back into bed.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!
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Sketch This!

So how is the week going? I am excited, my husband is coming home tonight. YAY! He has been gone since last Monday. Then he goes back out again in the morning. Gotta get this house in shape, I got a couple of hours left. But came on here to show you this week's sketch at Sketch This!, it's a great one, LOVE the frame and the tilted photos on the sketch, hope you get a chance to do this one!

That's it for now. Hope you are having a great night! Chillaxin! I hope to be able to scrap tomorrow night and bring out some more stuff. Studio Calico and my Scarlet Lime came in this week!!! WOOHOO!!!

thanks for stopping by!!
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Color Combos Galore and Pencil Lines

The new colors are up at Color Combos Galore! Our Guest Designer this week is Vivian Masket. And she gave me a wonderful inspiration piece and this is the combo I pulled from it:

punch - banana cream - deep saddle brown - gulf stream

here is my page using Pencil Lines sketch #93. OMG, LOVE this sketch!!!!

Published: Scrapbook Trends Digital Idea Book
See my great news HERE !

So glad you stopped by, hope you are having a wonderful day!
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Debbi's challenge and Triple the Sketch

One of the best things about the online community at Two Peas is developing friendships with wonderful people. Debbi T is one of them. I don't remember exactly when we met or became as close as we are, but I am glad we did. Recently I was telling her about me not being able to sit down and scrap like I used to. She wouldn't hear of it. She told me to create a page that night. Allrighty I said, then challenge me with something. She told me create a page using purple and make it about me. ACK! She knows me too well, I never use purple and really only scrap about my children. She knew she got me. But just like her, I love a challenge. So I hung up and off to the scraproom I went.

So here is my page. I found this sketch that night at Triple the Sketch, it was perfect:

Gosh, I HATE my nose!!!!

Journaling reads:

My most challenging moment was...Singing "When I Fall in Love" on stage at my sister's wedding.

My favorite school subject was...Math. I scored 100 on my High School Algebra Regents Exam.

The strangest thing that ever happened to me was...Hearing a voice in my head saying, "that is the man I am going to marry" two seconds after laying eyes on my future husband.

The scariest moment of my life was...Surviving a head on collision with a light pole, without a seatbelt, holding on to dear life to the steering wheel. I bent it backwards.

My favorite movie is...Death Becomes Her.

My greatest fear is...Having my car plunge into the water and not being able to save my three children.

If I could change my name, it would be...Spelled Janette. So that people will pronounce my name right.

My biggest accomplishment in life was...Natural childbirth. A whopping 11 pound 1 ounce baby boy!

My biggest dissapointment in life is...Never being a size 10.

Thanks for the challenge, Deb!!! :)

And thanks so much to you for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!
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Happy 4th!

So how was your holiday weekend? Safe and fun, I hope!

The new colors are up at Color Combos Galore! Our Guest Designer this week is Stacey Michaud. She is a loyal player at the challenge and we are happy to have her!

norwegian blue - light slate gray - white smoke - burgundy

here is my page:

As I said in an earlier post, the fair is fun, but on the rides I am feeling dizzier and queasier as each year goes by!

Have a great Monday!

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I finally did one!

I created a paper page! I have been doing digital pages for over over a month, my scrap room was a mess, couldn't even tell I had a desk actually, and I wasn't managing my time properly either. I started cleaning my area Monday night and was suddenly inspired. I did my layout for Sketch This and HMITM. The HMITM challenge was to use the whole alphabet on your layout, so I did mine like this: kindergarten this fall... wow.

Have a great Wednesday!
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Can you take the ride?

Hey how are ya? Hope your weekend was good. My husband came back on Friday after a long week on the road. Love him dearly, but it was a nice break. Experienced reveal night at Studio Calico. That was fun and exciting. Boy, they did an awesome job with the kits this month! I think I did some damage to my credit card. We cleaned out the boys room on Saturday, still sorting through stuff. Amazing how things accumulate. Then went to the fair at Giants Stadium on Sunday. Unfortunately, whenever we go there I realize, besides on my birthday, how old I am. I can't take the spinning rides anymore! Zayn had me going on all the big rides within his height restrictions. The last one really did me in, and I was sick. Ugh! Feeling queasy just thinking about it. Can you imagine, front seat, a huge circle ride where your car speeds to the top, not quite making the full circle, then heads down again only to go up again and when it reaches the center of the top, it stays there? So you are upside down and just screaming your head off regretting ever getting on this thing?

No, too much for me. But I will return next summer for sure and we will go on them together again.

Did my layout for Color Combos Galore. Davinie Fiero is our Guest Designer and she is so talented! LOVE her layouts and cards! She is the last of our guests to request something with pink. Yes, there have been a lot of pink going on, but the GD's get to choose what color to base the combo on and they have been choosing pink lately. I don't mind, I have a lot of pink to scrap about!

cranberry - alabaster - landscape grey - ballerina

I used Pencil Lines sketch #91:

and combined this with the journaling challenge which was to write about a before & after. This was on Rianna's birthday. She was wearing a dress and I wanted a quick photo. But she didn't want the picture taken in that dress, she wanted to change into her Cinderella costume. She wears that costume almost everyday and it has pretty much turned into a rag. So I was sort of arguing with her and here is her 'I'm putting my foot down' face. But she eventually responded with a smile!

Well, that's it for now. It's going to be a beautiful day today!
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