Happy 5th Birthday Jabran!!!

I wanna go to Friendly's, yeah yeah....(the kids love that commercial jingle). And great advertising that proved to be because traditionally we get a Carvel cake and celebrate at home, but Jabran wanted to go there for his ice cream instead for his 5th-OMG birthday. Great advertising I tell ya!

For the most part of the day we stayed home, got some birthday wishes from family:

Then I headed out with the kids. First we went shopping at Toys R Us. I had wanted to get him a Ben 10 bicycle, but when he saw the Speed Racer bicycle, YEAH, right in the FRONT of the store, BIG DISPLAY. Reeled him right in, he forgot all about the endless hours, energy and love he had dedicated to Ben. It IS a far more beautiful bike so...we bought him that. Zayn got him some Transformers figures and Rianna got him Bionicles.

Awesome bike, huh?

And we walked around the store like this:

Afterwards we grabbed a quick bite at Wendy's dollar menu. The $80 bicycle killed me. Then went home to pick up Dad for dessert. He had a late lunch so he wasn't worried about dinner tonight, but by the time we picked him up he wanted to eat. So off to Friendly's we went. I have not been there in over 20 years! I was still imagining sandwiches and toothpicks, NOT. Adorable little kids menu and yummy looking foods for us.

SO we ate. AGAIN. We got WAY too much food. The kids got the Royal Razz, a drink that made their teeth and tongues blue, NIHH-CE, and some sliders. We got a bunch of other stuff. Almost didn't have room for dessert, but that is what we went there for, so we HAD to get some. The choices, OMG, colossal! Jabran was THRILLED with his and the employees made it extra special for him when they were singing their special Friendly's birthday song as they brought it out.

He had a good birthday. Next week we will have his party. YAY!!!

Now a tribute to his first FIVE years. All the pages I made of him (some are from 2006, so bear with me). The pages are in the order I created them, starting with pages of him alone then followed by a set of pages of him with others. Hope you enjoy the show!!! (You too, Jabran!)

Also, speaking of food......I forgot to post this last week.

Valerie Salmon asked me to design her sketch this week at Got Sketch?. Her sketches are always so great.

It's about the battle with my weight. I have gone up and down. In my adult life, my highest was 225 and my lowest was 155. Never mind what I weighed after I had my children. I am not counting that because that is swelling. I went on Weight Watchers in 2006, a year after my third child was born. I thought after the third you become skinny as a twig. No, not me of course. Well my daughter was already a year old and I was still at my highest weight. I did WW, loved it, and lost 50lbs. Now, a year later, I am up again, 45lbs. So I am almost back to where I started. I get overconfident, I start to eat a little more thinking it won't hurt, then it catches up, then I give up and say F-it. Just wish I could see my goal number on the scale.

I have to keep up with the blogging so that the entries aren't so long, but thanks for looking! I hope I gave you something to smile about. Hope your weekend is great!

tah-tah for now.
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Jen said... [Reply]

Janet, I love your Constant Battle layout. I can so relate. Love your photos of Jabran on his birtday adventure! And your layout slideshow is a great idea.

Happy 5th birthday Jabran! :)

Debbi T said... [Reply]

Happy Birthday, Jabran!!!